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Velour Towels on the Golf Course

Velour towels on the golf course are nothing short of indispensable.

Soft Velour Towels –  Not Just For Drying Off

If you think that velour towels are only useful in the bathroom, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Towels made from cotton terry velour are popping up on golf courses everywhere because their versatility makes them an indispensable tool for every golfer.

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Golf towels are an important piece of equipment that should be found in every golf bag. Golf towels can range in size from a small hand towel to a medium sized bath towel. They have a grommet and hook on one end unlike the towels you find in your bathroom. The hook allows a golfer to hang the towel on his or her golf bag for easy access during the game.

Golf towels serve a variety of purposes on the golf course.  One of the most important functions of a golf towel is to allow the player to dry off golf balls. Whether playing on wet grass or because of sinking the ball into a water hazard, a wet ball certainly throws off a player’s game.  If the ball has water or mud on it, it won’t move through the air in the same way as a clean ball. This will cause a marked difference in a golfer’s long game. A dirty ball will also hurt a golfer’s short range putting ability. Just a tiny bit of mud or water can cause a golf ball to roll off target, and turning a solid putt into a missed shot. A handy velour towel attached to a golfer’s bag helps keep a clean ball and a clean game.

Golf balls aren’t the only piece of equipment that will benefit from a velour golf towel. The grooves on golf clubs are also very attractive to water and mud. They need to be cleaned after every shot or a golfer will see a major reduction in the spin her or she is able to put on the ball. Cleaning golf clubs is important, not only to keep one’s game in top form, but also to ensure that moisture doesn’t cause unnecessary damage to expensive clubs.

Soft, absorbent velour towels aren’t just handy for golf equipment. They’re great for wiping hands between shots. Sweaty hands will affect a player’s grip, and can be the cause of missed shots, so it’s important to wipe them dry between strokes. Velour, with its moisture wicking ability is the perfect material for keeping dry, sure hands on the golf course.

Velour golf towels can even be useful as a business tool. If you own your own business, you’ve probably given gifts to clients for the holidays.  Consider having golf towels embroidered with your company logo. Velour golf towels are easy to embroider.  If you play as well, have a logo velour towel with you, and every time you play you’re also advertising your business. You can even give your custom golf towels to friends to will help to increase awareness of your company.

Golf towels are an often overlooked but extremely important piece of golf equipment. Velour towels, with their super absorbency, might just become the secret weapon in a player’s golf bag.

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