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Turkish Bath Towels – A Rich Heritage of Quality

There's more to Turkish bath towels than the name.

What’s Different About Turkish Bath Towels?

The historical, genuine Turkish bath towel with it’s origins in 18th century was quite distinct in size, material, structure and purpose.  A towel meant for ceremonial bathing for a young women before being married as well as other important life ceremonies, the turkish towel was around 35″ x 45″, made of cotton or linen woven into a loop fabric.  The early hand weaving process that would yield only a few towels per day has become an industry.  Although the size of Turkish towels nowadays can vary and they are made mostly by machine, they are still made from high quality cotton are distinguishable by their looped surface.  Although regular cotton terry towels are sometimes mistaken for Turkish towels because terry, like Turkish often uses a loop pile weave, the difference is the type of cotton used.  Turkish towels are made from a Turkish long-staple cotton similar to Egyptian or pima cottons

Turkish Bath Towels vs. Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Fabric-wise, the cotton used to make each of these two highly regarded types of linens is similar in some ways and different in others.  Each is made from its own unique, regionally grown long-staple cotton, known to be stronger, more luxurious fibers than regular cotton.  Each is generally manufactured creating a high-density, thick and heavyweight product.  The denser fabric provides excellent absorbency and softness.  The main difference between the two would normally be the weave.  Turkish towels would have a loop pile weave on one or both sides of the towel and Egyptian cotton towels normally would not.  Since how absorbent a towel will be is judged in part on how dense the surface of the towel is, technically, between a Turkish bath towel and an Egyptian cotton bath towel of equal weights, say 600 GSM, the Turkish towel would be more absorbent because of the extra surface provided by the loop weave.  Since I have not personally done this comparison, the assumption is hypothetical

Turkish Bath Towels For Sale

From Pinzon is their Luxury Towel Collection.

turkish bath towels

These plush Turkish bath towels are among the thickest you’ll find at 820 GSM which makes them extra absorbent.  Made in Turkey, these quality towels measure 30″ x 56″ and weigh almost 2 lbs!  That is dense.  The short loop pile that is one of the distinct signatures of classic Turkish Bath Towels and elegant pique borders give these fine towels a look that’s elegant and stylish.  Colors include white, plum, sage, platinum, espresso and marine.  Matching bath sheet, bath towel, hand towel and washcloths are available.  You can create an entire matching bath towel set.  These towels are given a 4 out of 5 star rating by consumers.  Read the reviews here.

From Ralph Lauren, the Regent 30″ x 58″ Bath Towel.

Made from plush Turkish grown cotton, the Regent bath towel is strong and cozy.  It comes in a wide range of colors that include bordeaux, evergreen, garnet, maize, peacock blue, willow, charcoal, royal navy, calla lily, desert sand and ink black.  They sell here for around $21 each.

Check out these and other fine Turkish bath towels.

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