Add style to your bath with quality bath towels

Stay Covered With a Towel Wrap

A towel wrap - a large bath towel with elastic and a fastener - is a great way to comfortably wear a towel.

Towel Wrap – A Simple, Elegant Idea

Cover yourself in the soft comfort of a towel wrap after your bath, shower, swim, or spa.

towel wrap

A tailored terry cloth, 100% cotton or terry velour towel wrap is a simple but innovative way to wear a towel. These towels have become a favorite gift choice for bridal showers, weddings and kids’ parties. They are ideal for bringing the kids to the beach or pool parties and are a noted option at spas and gyms because of their remarkable versatility.

Towel wraps are found in an assortment of sizes; for men, secured at the waist, for women, in the form of a full body, plus size bath towel, as well as children and infant sizes. They are available in bright colors, designs, or classic white, as well as a variety of lengths to suit individual preferences. Personalized monograms are oftentimes offered to the consumer, adding a name, initials, or personal expression, making a distinguished gift idea. Adding a monogram to bath towel wraps offers the additional selection of color and font style to further accentuate your personalized gift.

How is a Towel Wrap Different Than a Regular Towel?

Wraps are offered in terrycloth and velour combination, fabrics that are made for optimal absorbency and comfort. They are fashioned at the top with an adjustable elastic band.  Some secure with a hook-and-loop fastener or, more commonly, you’ll find bath wraps with velcro. Wraps are popular choices for bath, shower, spa bath or pool. Some are made with added detail including a large patch pocket, and some are made with a one-sided sleeveless arm opening; inspired by the Roman toga, designed for added comfort and wearability. Further wrap options include dress wraps, designed to look like a sundress allowing for bathing towel absorbency with a trendy tone.

Added choice belongs to the texture of the wrap. Typically, the light, fluffy wrap is the made from woven cotton with low-twist or zero-twist yarn. These particular 100% cotton towel wraps usually have an ‘airy’ feel and wick the water away versus soaking it up. The heavier, more substantial feeling wraps are mostly crafted using a multi-ply or high-twist yarn. They are absorbent and dense and have a soft texture. Twisting the yarn refers to the amount of twisting per inch; the lower the amount of twisting, the plusher a fabric will be and tightly twisted fabric is more smooth and fine.

Fashion and Function Wrapped in a Towel

Having been featured on primetime television shows as well as the ever popular Oprah Winfrey show, a towel wrap is a simple towel choice that offers convenience and charm. Wraparound-style towels are primarily machine washable and are very durable. They lend a simple alternative to the basic beach, bath or spa towel at routinely reasonable prices.

Having a regular towel wrapped around you, with even the most gallant of efforts used, still leaves to chance the potential for an incommodious situation in public places like the changing room at the gym. However, a towel that allows you to secure it with Velcro or a hook-and-loop fastener provides the wearer with an added ease to move around more freely. Walk around without having to hold your towel closed. Stay covered with a towel wrap.

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