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Organic Bath Towels, An Eco Friendly Trend

Organic bath towels are better for the environment, but are they just plain better?

Advantages of Organic Bath Towels

Organic bath towels have been increasing in popularity because they offer many personal and environmental benefits.

organic bath towels

Since the majority of the world’s cotton crop (the main fabric used in the manufacture of towels) is grown using methods developed before much real concern for the environment existed, pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals are used during the growth cycle.  Besides the toll this takes on the environment at large, these chemicals can cause allergic and other reactions in some people that come in contact with them.  The more many people learn about how our bodies are continually battling the various toxins and other environmental hazards, the more they realize that organic growing techniques are to our benefit not only with food, but with those items we breath and with which we come into physical contact.  This is particularly the case with those who have particular sensitivities to non-organic substances, like allergy sufferers and anyone with a compromised immune system (i.e., a person who is recovering from surgery or being treated for any number of illnesses).

Traditional dyes, bleach and other chemicals used in the manufacturing process of non-organic towels also have an impact on not only health, but on a towel’s absorbency, durability and softness.  Bath towel sets made of materials like pure organic cotton and bamboo don’t use these toxic processing chemicals, but instead, for instance, organic dyes for colors.  The result is towels that are softer, more naturally super absorbent and last longer than other towels.

Do Organic Bath Towels Require Different Care and Washing?

The traditional growing, harvesting and manufacturing processes of towels and other linens will usually consider factors like healthfulness and the environment as secondary, if at all, to the more immediate gratification benefits like feel and convenience.  With organic cotton bath towels and organic bamboo bath towels, everything starts with the natural, chemical-free growth and manufacturing process.  For this reason, you’ll often find more specific care instructions for your organic cotton towels and bamboo towels.  For instance, it’s not uncommon to find a manufacturer of organic bath towels recommend line drying over machine drying.  Also, as one would probably expect, the use of fabric softeners, bleaches and other laundry additives is usually discouraged.  Part of the procedure in producing non-organic towels usually includes a chemical process to remove naturally occurring oils and other residues from the material.  Since chemicals are not used in the production of organic bath towels, one or more initial washings with a mild, biodegradable detergent is often recommended before using the new towel.

Highly Regarded Organic Bath Towel Brands

Although you will see bath towels advertised as “natural cotton” or “green”, this can sometimes be misleading.  To be sure you are getting true organic bath towels, they must be advertised as “organic”.  There are several manufacturers of high quality organic bath towels, oversized bath sheets, hand towels and washcloths.  Some, like Pure Rest, take the process even further by certifying that their product is manufactured within fair trade practices by factories that abide by fair labor standards.  Rawganique also falls within this category.  Other notable producers offering excellent deals on quality products, include West Elm, Purity, Eileen Fisher, Company Store, Gaiam, EcoBathroom, A Happy Planet and Studio Organic by JC Penney.  You can gain valuable knowledge by reading reviews, comparing prices and checking out available brands and discounts of 100% organic bath towels.

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