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A Girlfriend’s Guide to Men’s Robes and Sleepwear

Men's robes - the ultimate casual, sexy loungewear.

Putting the “Rrrrr” Back in Robes For Men

Shopping for quality men’s robes and sleepwear is a task that every girlfriend or wife will eventually face. Perhaps you want to buy your guy a nice robe for his birthday or you want to replace the ratty old t-shirt he normally wears to bed with some comfortable and attractive pajamas. Whatever your motive, choosing robes and sleepwear for your man is easy when you know how to pick the style that suits his personality.

Classy Robe and PJs: Too Much For Some Guys

If your boyfriend likes to sleep in the t-shirt he wore all day, he probably won’t like the feel of traditional pajamas.  You might consider buying him cotton lounging pants, paired with an extra soft t-shirt. While technically considered sleep wear, they feel more like clothes.  If they still seem too much like pajamas to please your man, consider a nice pair of fleece sweats with a matching sweatshirt.

If you do decide to buy a sweat suit, you don’t have to stick with plain colors. Many men that won’t sleep in a pair of flannel pajamas are happy to go to bed in a sweatshirt that’s printed with the logo from their favorite professional sports team or activity. For an especially thoughtful gift, try to find a sweatshirt from his college alma mater.  Many high schools sell sweatshirts emblazoned with the school mascot. Give his old high school a try and see if you can purchase one for a gift that will send him down memory lane.

Depending on the type of humor your guy enjoys, you might consider a pair of novelty pajamas. Novelty pajamas can range from tops with a humorous saying or picture on them to sleepwear printed with a favorite character or iconic product. You can even find pajama sets that glow in the dark or promote a specific holiday.

Men’s Robes and Sleepwear For Mr. Traditional

If your husband or boyfriend is more the traditional sort, you can’t go wrong purchasing him a classic pair of flannel pajamas. Originally flannel was made from carded wool, but nowadays most flannel pajamas are made from cotton, synthetic fabrics or silk and cotton blends. Brushed flannel makes the softest pajamas.  Flannel fabric comes in many patterns, but plaid seems to be the most popular design.

If you are looking for something softer than flannel with a much more extravagant feel, silk pajamas are the way to go. Silk is one of the most comfortable fabrics to sleep in. It doesn’t bunch or wrinkle, so it feels very smooth against your skin. Once he’s slept in silk pajamas he may never wear anything else.  Contrary to popular belief, silk is easy to take care of. Simply wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle and give it a quick tumble in your dryer.

And when you’re buying your man pajamas don’t forget to purchase that coordinating robe. Whether he uses it for extra warmth on a cold night or as something to slip on after a shower, men’s robes make a great companion gift to pajamas.


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