Add style to your bath with quality bath towels

Our Love Affair With Hotel Towels

Hotel Towels make a person feel pampered.

Hotel Towels – Wrapped Up In Glamour

Remember when it was de rigueur when staying at a classy hotel to pack up a few of the hotel towels at the end of your stay and even a bathrobe to take home as souvenirs?  Well times have changed.

hotel towels

You’ll now receive a sizable added charge if you abscond with hotel bath towels from your visit.  But the allure of hotel linens is still strong.  Just take a look at the number of sellers marketing their bath towel sets as hotel collection bath towels.  The truth is that top notch hotels use the best towels for their guests… and the best bed linens, the nicest beds, the nicest carpet, decorations, etc.  There is nothing inherently high quality about a hotel towel.  All you have to do is stay at a cheap hotel or motel to find that out.  What calling fine bath linens hotel collection towels does is add that extra dose of luxury that goes along with the image that gets conjured up in our minds when we think of our experience with hotels; vacations, being waited on, adventure, time to refuel and recharge.

Is There Any Hotel Magic in Hotel Towels Or Is It All Just Hype?

If your criteria for bath towels is that they be “five-star luxury quality”, that they leave you “luxuriating in the lap of luxury” or feeling “like you’re spending a day at the spa”, it’s helpful to know what to look for other than what color it is and what it says in the marketing copy.  As I mentioned, there can be a big difference between the luxurious towels in nice hotels and those in cheap hotels.  And since cheap hotels need to stock up on their supply of wholesale towels periodically, you’ll find some linens advertised as hotel towels that are simple, sturdy, machine washable and cheap.  But if you’re looking for hotels that fit the enticing image of a rendezvous in a far off land, you’re looking for something different and there are particulars you should know.

This second type of top rated luxury towels is usually heavier in weight (upwards of 600 grams per square meter), made from some form of not just 100% cotton, but Egyptian cotton (pima cotton and Turkish cotton are essentially the same type) or microcotton and they usually cost a bit more.  “Turkish towels” also usually have a loop weave which is said to add to their absorbency.  You may still have to use your imagination to experience “a day at the spa” without actually going to the spa, but your experience of the towel part will be similar.

Judging Hotel Towels To Buy Online

Even though a picture may be worth a thousand words, you’ll need pictures and many words to find the best hotel towels for your home without the benefit of actually being able to experience those towels firsthand ahead of time.  I learned from my wife to read reviews before buying unseen merchandise from unknown vendors on the web.  I have found information that changed my mind about purchasing items that had a lot of good press by hearing the experiences of people who’d already bought them and learned things that were not apparent.  I’ve also found little know gems by reading reviews from happy customers.  It really pays to take a little extra time and search out reviews and feedback before you buy.  Make sure you get the hotel towels you’re expecting getting all the information available.

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