Add style to your bath with quality bath towels

Hooded Bath Towels – Cozy Fun!

Hooded bath towels are a simpler more fun version of a bathrobe.

Robe Too Much?  Try Hooded Bath Towels

Hooded bath towels are just what the name implies, towels with a hood.  They’re great not only after bathing but, unlike a bathrobe can be used at the beach or by the pool. Quality hooded bath towels are made of an absorbent material and will dry relatively quick as long as you hang them up after use.

Towels with hoods are very popular for infants and small children.

hooded bath towels

After giving baby a bath, it can be easier to dry them off quickly by wrapping them in a hooded baby bath towel. Babies lose heat quickly after a warm bath and baby hooded towels will keep them warm head to toe whether skin and hair are wet or dry. Hooded bath towels for kids come in a variety of colors and themed designs (i.e. super heroes, bunnies, butterflies, etc.).  Although baby may not appreciate the hooded bath towel with cartoon pictures, toddlers will love kids bath towels with hoods (they make an excellent cape!).

When choosing a hooded bath towel for a baby, remember baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. Choose fabric that is as soft as they are and as absorbent as a diaper. Bath towels made of micro-fiber, cotton and even bamboo will fill that bill. These materials are incredibly soft and will dry the baby quickly.

Polartec has developed a hooded bath towel for babies that’s two-sided. It has one side made of cotton flannel for drying and the other side is Polartec which is not very water absorbent but will keep the baby warm.  Choose a hooded towel that’s at least big enough to cover the baby from top to bottom. It’s also an option to get something even larger that baby can use when he or she is a toddler. With proper care, a quality hooded bath towel can last a few years and even through a few kids.

Although velcro fasteners don’t come with every hooded towel, they’re a great option.  A hooded bath towel with velcro will keep the towel close and the baby warm. Of course, if you find a hooded towel you like that doesn’t have Velcro tabs, they can be easily added. Just be sure to sew the Velcro in so that it does not come in contact with the baby’s skin.

At the beach when your baby or toddler comes out of the water, there is always a chill against wet skin no matter what the air temperature is. Rather than a regular towel, why not wrap up in a comfy, cozy hooded bath towel?

Hooded Bath Towels for Adults

They’re more like ponchos, really, but they work great.

Made from the same absorbent fabrics as a regular bath towel, they’re easy and comfortable to throw on when you get out of the shower or bath. Why not stay warm with a cotton hooded terry bath towel while putting on makeup or doing your other grooming chores before getting dressed or ready for bed?  Hooded bath towels can also provide the necessary covering and some degree of modesty if you’re showering and getting ready at the gym.

If you want to personalize your hooded bath towel, have it monogrammed or adorned with another decorative appliqué. You can include a pocket on the side and Velcro tabs or a tie to keep the bath towel closed. And it’s less fuss and fabric than a full sized robe so they dry quicker.  Great for staying warm and avoiding too much sun exposure when outdoors.

Making Your Own Hooded Bath Towels

Although you can find them if you really search, adult hooded towels can be hard to locate.  If you’re crafty, creating your own hooded bath towel for a baby, toddler or adult is a fairly simple project. There are easy to follow patterns available at any fabric store as well as on the web. There are a number of “how to” articles dealing with the subject that can found with a simple web search. For those that are on a first name basis with a thread and needle and know their way around a sewing machine, a pattern for hooded bath towels may not even be necessary.

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