Add style to your bath with quality bath towels

Understanding What Makes a Quality Hand Towel

A hand towel should be equally functional and decorative.

The Importance of Your Choice of Hand Towel

The hand towel we choose to hang in our bathroom and use each day is a significant part of our bathroom’s overall style.

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We use our hand bath towels for hygiene, aesthetics, and comfort. A hand towel is made to absorb the water on our hands after washing, or just simply to provide an aesthetic look to our room. They are often designed with various prints and color schemes resembling the colors and designs of our bathrooms. The look of a fluffy, clean hand towel is hard to compare. It’s a seemingly simple choice to make, yet towels are something that we tend to keep and use for years so knowing how to choose quality is helpful.

The fiber content and construction of your towels is important to consider when picking out your hand towels. Commonly made of cotton or a cotton blend, and generally dependent upon the length of the fiber staple (the term used to describe the naturally formed clusters of a fabric) itself, towels come with different textures and appearances.

Top Hand Towel Fabric Choices

Cotton types used to make your towels can vary. Some types commonly available include Egyptian cotton, made from a long staple of cotton thus making a high quality fabric that is very absorbent; Turkish cotton, also made from a long staple of cotton and often recognized for its durability and natural sheen; Organic cotton, grown without use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers; and Bamboo cotton, a fiber and cotton blend that has a natural silky sheen to it and is also ultra-absorbent.

Things to Consider When Choosing Hand Towels

A hand towel can be chosen according to what best suits your needs and preferences. A terry material; made from a large-looped fabric, is the most absorbent of towels. Generally, the length and density of the loops create the level of absorbency. Velour towels contain fibers that stand up, much like a blade of grass called ‘cut loops’. These make the towel surface very smooth. Some hand towels are chosen for their decorative pattern and embellishments including printed fabrics; where the design is simply printed onto the surface of the towel, embellished fabrics; accented with trim or embroidery, and Jacquard; a woven pattern within the fabric of the towel.

Further consideration in selecting an ideal hand towel for you may include whether the fabric is combed, removing any short or uneven lengths. The combed fabric is left very soft textured and is quite strong. Microfiber material is also used to create a sensible towel.  A microfiber towel is tightly woven to create quick and ultra-absorbent quality. An extremely plush towel is likely made with a zero-twist material, where the longer the loops within the fabric the more plush the towel is. Two-ply fabric towels, which are usually among the weightier of towels available, are made with twice the amount of yarn to increase durability and absorbency. Hygro cotton is manufactured with a hollow-cored yarn which allows a hollowed space within the center of the fabric, creating a super absorbent quality. Hygro cotton towels get large and fluffy out of the dryer. Whatever your preference in choosing a hand towel; elegant and designed or thick and fluffy, it is sure to get a lot of use.

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