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Fun Uses for Fingertip Towels

Fingertip towels, commonly known as guest towels, are a phenomenal decorator touch.

Fingertip towels may bring back fond memories of your grandmother’s house, but there may just be a place for them in your own home.  Once a mainstay of well appointed guest bathrooms, they also have many other, not so obvious household uses. While they still serve the purpose for which they were originally created, finger towels can also be repurposed into many things.

Fingertip towels are small towels that are most often displayed in bathrooms and used for drying your hands.

fingertip towels

They are smaller than standard hand towels, bigger than a washcloth, and generally rectangular in shape. Often called guest towels, they are the perfect size for small guest bathrooms.  Because they are so small, it’s easy to leave a stack by the sink and to rest assured that there are enough clean and dry towels to satisfy the needs of all your visitors.

Because they were originally created as guest towels, many of them come in a variety of decorative designs. It’s easy to find fingertip towels to match your bathroom’s color and decor.  You can even purchase special holders or racks that will show off your designer towels to their best advantage.  If you collect finger towels to match each holiday or season, it becomes really easy to change the look and feel of your bathroom just by changing out your guest towels.

Giving Fingertip Towels Your Own Custom Look

If you can’t find a towel that suits the theme of your bathroom, it’s equally easy to fashion your own. Finger towels make a wonderful background for embroidery work.  They can even be used for hand or machine embroidery.  If you’re interested in learning to embroider or cross stitch, a fingertip towel is the perfect beginner project.  If you’re an experienced crafter, embroidered towels make elegant gifts or craft show offerings.

Years back, when a lady threw a dinner party, she would offer her guests bowls of warm water and a finger towel at the conclusion of the meal. This would allow her friends to discreetly clean their hands before progressing with the evening’s entertainment and activities. Even though this practice is no longer in vogue, it will be much appreciated by friends when offered after a messy meal such as ribs or other finger foods.

Fingertip Towels Make the Perfect Oversized Washcloth

Finger towels aren’t just for fingers. They make great washcloths. The bigger size and nontraditional shape make it much easier to wash hard to reach places such as your back. A finger towel will also hold a lot more soap, making them much more functional than wash cloths.  While you are in the tub, you can dampen a finger towel with hot water and loop it around your face. Allow the warmth from the cloth to ease away stress on your skin and open your pores. A finger sized towel is just the right size for a delightful facial wrap.

Even though guest towels aren’t as common as they once were, there are plenty of great ways to put fingertip towels to use in your home.

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