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Fieldcrest Towels

Fieldcrest Towels - Soft, plush and ultra-absorbent to some. Poor-quality, poor value to others. Who's right?

Are Fieldcrest Towels Good Quality?

If you’re in the market for bath towels, you’ve probably become familiar with Fieldcrest towels.

fieldcrest towels

They are known for their color choices and the soft, plush feel of the towels from the Fieldcrest brand.  But if you read reviews from those who’ve purchased Fieldcrest towels, you’ll find that they are decidedly mixed.

It seems that for every purchaser who swears by Fieldcrest towels, there is another who finds fault with the brand.  It’s not uncommon to find views that totally contradict one another.

What Satisfied Purchasers Say About Fieldcrest Towels

“These towels are large, soft and very absorbent,” praises one Fieldcrest towels owner who says she has “six full sets” and highly recommends the brand.

Another satisfied customer echoes this sentiment, “wonderfully soft, absorbent, towels that wash well. We’ve had ours for 9 months and they still look new. We are going to order another set,” the reviewer coos, calling them “awesome bath towels.”

Some Mixed Reviews From Fieldcrest Towels Purchasers

But then there are those that liked what they saw initially but had a change of heart.  “First off, they are the softest, most wonderful feeling towel you have ever owned in your entire life. They are big enough to curl up in and not too big that it’s overwhelming. The colors are true, bold, and really nice.”

This on it’s own would seem to be a ringing endorsement of Fieldcrest towels, but she goes on, “My husband was the first to notice that, yes, they are soft but they do not seem to absorb anything. I didn’t believe him and kept on my ‘softest ever’ kick.  After washing them several times they seem to get less absorbent every time.”

Absorbency and durability are both recurring themes in user reviews, “At the store, these towels feel soft and thirsty,” another reviewer starts out about Fieldcrest towels. “But get them home and as soon as you start using them…especially the bath towels…things change. These towels snag like no one’s business. Pretty soon you find yourself looking at towels with tons of long stray threads. This is too much to pay for an inferior product.”

Others critical of the construction of Fieldcrest towels also complained of towels becoming threadbare in a relatively short time.  “These towels snag more than any cheap towel I have ever gotten. The price does not reflect the quality,” states one unhappy customer.

This woman chastised her favorite brick and mortar retailer (who shall remain nameless).  “First of all, I love [Retailer].  But I have to say, I have been extremely disappointed with the towels they are selling. I bought this set of “luxury” towels and after one wash, on DELICATE cycle no less, the threads are already pulling out! Quit selling this stuff!” she demands.

But the popularity of Fieldcrest towels comes from opinions like this one. “I bought these towels and washed them before I used them. They came out as good as new. I love these towels. They are plush, super soft cozy towels. They soak up the water really well. I am looking to replace all my towels
with these. Well worth the money I spent.”

Bottom line?  If you’re considering Fieldcrest towels, look before you leap.

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