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The Mystique and Reality of Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

When advertisers extol the virtues of Egyptian cotton bath towels, how much is hype?

Why Are Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels Better?

Egyptian cotton bath towels are widely considered to be superior to regular cotton, cotton blends and synthetic towels.  An oversized Egyptian cotton bath sheet has become synonymous with “luxury spa cotton towel”.  A lot of the popularity of luxurious Egyptian cotton bath robes, bath sheets, washcloths and cotton bath mats made of Egyptian grown crop, has to do with branding, whether intentional or not.  The main quality of the actual fabric that goes into the products that people seem to like so much is the extra long length of the fiber staples.  The longer fibers make the products they’re made with softer, more durable, more absorbent, shinier and less likely to come apart as quickly as shorter staple cotton.  But cotton from Egypt is not the only extra long staple cotton (not to mention the fact that not all Egyptian cotton is extra long staple).  Pima cotton is a version of extra long staple cotton grown in the Americas.  A good quality pima and a good quality Egyptian are comparable.  As with any manufactured product, many factors go into the process of making a quality bath towel.  This is the case with Egyptian cotton bath towels, pima cotton towels, bamboo or any other material.  The best advice is when you find a good product, especially one at a cheap or reasonable price, take note and buy it again.  If searching for your first Egyptian cotton bath towels, read the reviews and ratings.

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels vs. Bamboo Bath Towels

Bamboo, like Egyptian or pima cotton, produces a high quality, soft fabric that’s excellent for the manufacture bath towels.  As a result, bamboo bath towels are also gaining in popularity.  Bamboo viscose is made from bamboo pulp fiber and woven into a yarn.  Since harvesting bamboo is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than growing and harvesting cotton, it’s popular among environmentalists and those who “lean toward green” and are in-the-know about bamboo as a fabric alternative.  It grows quickly and doesn’t usually require the use of pesticides.  Some say that bamboo towels are more absorbent or “thirsty” than Egyptian cotton.  This is undoubtedly the spin of manufacturers that use bamboo.  Absorbency has a lot to do with how dense the weave of a fabric (terry towels have superior absorbency for this reason).  Since the woven fabric from the bamboo plant has the characteristics of rayon fabric, it is certainly absorbent.  But whether an Egyptian cotton hand towel or bath towel will be more absorbent than a bamboo towel will depend on the particular towels in question.  Although there are several manufacturers who produce organic bath towels from Egyptian or pima cotton, bamboo certainly has the environmental advantage over probably any cotton.

What You Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of Quality Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

If you like thick, plush towels, you’ll want to find bath towel sets that are 550 grams per square meter in fabric weight or higher.  If the fabric weight is not listed on the towels you’re considering, you can usually find your answer by an internet search or a call to the manufacturer to ask the GSM of the towels in question.  If you prefer a lighter weight or more course towel, less GSM may suit you better.  It’s always important to follow the washing instructions on any linen or clothing item to ensure maximum wear.  Although many if not most towels are machine washable and machine dryable, repeated washing and drying takes its toll on fabric.  Assuming they are dryer safe, always tumble your Egyptian cotton bath towels on low or, if you want them to last even longer, drip dry them on the line.

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