Add style to your bath with quality bath towels

The Art (and Luck) of Buying Cheap Bath Towels

There are some really good cheap bath towels available. If you use a lot of fresh towels, this could be your solution.

Cheap Bath Towels That Look and Feel Great

We have owned cheap bath towels, expensive bath towels, designer and off brands.  My personal favorites are hospitality towels that were purchased in bulk and cost around $70 per dozen.  We didn’t even purchase them, we inherited them because my mother bought a surplus.  We got a dozen of the bath towels and a dozen of the matching wash cloths.  That was ten years ago.  We still have them and the material remains in surprisingly good shape after all this time.  They are not heavy, thick cotton spa towels.  They are lightweight, mostly cotton with about 12% synthetic fabric blended in.  Although I use them almost exclusively as workout towels now, they have given us plenty of value at a reasonable price that would have indeed been worth it even if we had paid the money ourselves.

Why Cheap Bath Towels Make Sense To Some of Us

Buying cheaper bath towels is a great way to go if you’re looking to stock up.  Whether it’s because you like to use a fresh towel each day for your shower or the option to launder linens less frequently, buying discount bath towels in bulk works.  Those people that run spas, hotels, motels, gyms, and other similar businesses that use a lot of linens are constantly on the lookout for bulk bath towels to replenish their inventory.  But why not stock up for home as well?  If you can find a nice quality towel like we did, it means great savings and newer looking towels to keep things fresh in your home bathrooms.  Since even the most durable towels experience some wear and tear from regular use and washing, it’s definitely a viable option to go for quantity over higher priced luxury towels.

Virtually the same towels we’ve owned for the last ten years are still available.  I say “virtually” because the towels on sale today are made of 100% cotton.  Check them out below along with other options.

Where To Find Cheap Bath Towels On Sale

Start below to see a few good options.

These Martex Hospitality Bath Towels are like the ones we own.

cheap bath towels

They are 100% cotton and come bundled in packs of six.  Each towel measures 30″ x 52″ which is not quite the size of a large bath sheet, but makes a decent size bath towel, or even pool/beach towels for the average sized body.  They come in white and sell for around $33.

The matching Martex Hospitality Wash Cloths come in packs of 24 and sell for around $19.

cheap washcloths

You can also try the 8-Pack of Commercial Bath Towels From 1888.


These commercial quality bath towels are made of 86% cotton/14% polyester.  Advertised as being a bit longer than the Martex towels (58″ vs. 52″), they are machine washable and sell for around $37.  They are available in blue as well, but the blue towels sell for a bit more at around $47.  These make great gym towels.

Customers gave the 1888 8-Pack a 3.5 out of 5 star rating.

You can get matching washcloths in packs of 24 and matching hand towels in packs of 12 in both the blue and the white colors.  Price for the hand towels is around $26 and price for the wash cloths is around $22.

There are several customer reviews of the 1888 bath towels that you can read here. Reviews are really helpful before purchasing any brand of cheap bath towels that you’re not familiar with.

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