Add style to your bath with quality bath towels

Finding the Best Bath Towels

Shopping 101 - learning what makes the best bath towels.

A Few Simple Ideas for Finding the Best Bath Towels

Of all the decorative options to consider when revitalizing your guest or master bathroom, finding the best bath towels that fit within your budget is at or near the top of the list of elements that add the most style for the least expense.  Whether you choose colors that blend or colors that accent, new bath towels and hand towels are always a focal point.  But given the fact that towels are chosen as much for their function as their looks, it makes sense to know some of the tactile and durability characteristics of the materials used to make the best bath towels as well as how to care for them so they last and keep looking good.

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Whether to purchase cotton, synthetic or blended fabric towels can make a big difference in their look and feel.  Cotton towels are regarded by most design professionals as better quality than those towels made from synthetic fabrics.  Everyone has heard of Egyptian cotton bath towels.  It’s generally accepted that the best cotton for towels is Egyptian cotton or the US version known as pima.  These are what you would find at luxury resort hotel or in a hotel & spa collection. These two cottons are fabricated into longer, more plush threads.  The best bath towels made of Egyptian or pima cotton are usually extra soft and extra fluffy.  The agreement is that this makes the towels not only cushier but more absorbent.  But I take this with a grain of salt since we use Egyptian cotton towels, regular cotton towels and some that are cotton polyester blends which are not as thick but, in my opinion, are highly absorbent, perhaps more than some of the other, plush cotton towels we use.

Are the Best Bath Towels Also The Most Durable?

This brings up the point of weight.  A thick, heavy oversized bath towel that is very dense might be very appealing to some people who like a bath towel to feel softer against their skin.  For others, myself included, a towel that is not as dense, that feels a bit more course to the touch might be preferable.  Towel weight is usually advertised as a certain number of grams per square meter or GSM.  The higher the GSM, the more bulky the towel.  The lower the GSM of the towel, the lighter in weight and the less dense the towel is.  Higher GSM towels can even cause storage issues as some fold up quite large.  Then again, less dense towels can sometimes be less durable as well.  I find it useful to read consumer reviews at places like Amazon before making a purchase.

There are other options like organic cotton such as bamboo and blends that include newer materials such as modal, which is said to make cotton towels more absorbent when it’s in it’s blended in.  These ideas will be very appealing to some people.  But sticking to the basics like weight, absorbency and texture will ensure you find something that suits your particular taste.

How to Keep the Best Bath Towels Looking Their Best

When I first moved from my parents’ home, I did not separate laundry.  I washed everything together in cold water.  This did not work well for my clothing and it won’t usually work well for your machine washable towels, especially when they’re new.  Following washing instruction is important.  Some experts also suggest to wash new towels separately for the first washing.  It can help to use a small amount of white vinegar, which has high acidity and low alkaline, to help set the color and prevent fading.  Using the delicate drying cycle rather than the normal, high heat cycle is generally easier on the best bath towels as it is for most clothing.

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