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What To Look For in Bathroom Towel Sets

Quality bathroom towel sets are a matter of distinction. It helps to know what you're looking for.

Bathroom Towel Sets – The Basics

If you’re looking for quality bathroom towel sets, you can find a set of 6 (generally 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths) online for anywhere from around $25 up to over $100.  But is there a major difference between the high and low end priced sets?  When you’re shopping without the benefit of being able to touch and visually examine the towels you’re considering, it can be difficult to compare.

Some say to just buy Egyptian Cotton towels, but, of course, it always helps to know some basics.  Bath towel sets, like other linens have characteristics that are associated with factors like the type of material used and the weave and the weight or density of the fabric.  Cotton (especially a long staple cotton like Egyptian cotton or Turkish Cotton) and bamboo bath towels are widely considered to be more absorbent than synthetics.  Heavier towels, meaning those that are dense and thus have more surface area, are considered to be more absorbent, softer and sturdier than lighter weight, less dense bath towels.  Turkish towels and towels made of cotton terry cloth are also considered to have an absorbency advantage because they usually have a loop weave on one or both sides of the towel.  The closed loops create even more surface area and make them even more absorbent.  Zero twist or low twist towels (made by a process of un-twisting the yarn before fabrication) is another technique used to create more surface and absorbency.

Bathroom Towel Sets Compared

Armed with those basics, let’s compare the high end Turkishtowels Ottoman Elegance Collection 6 Piece Towel Set, which sells for around $107

bathroom towel sets

Turkishtowels Ottoman Elegance Collection

to the low end Pike Street 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton 725-Gram 6-Piece Towel Set, which sells for around $25.

Pike Street 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

And to round things out, we’ll add the mid-range ThinkBamboo Luxury Heavy Weight Towel Set.  This set sells for around $70.

The first two sets are both made of long-staple cotton,  the Turkishtowels set from Turkish long-staple cotton and the Pike Street from Egyptian cotton.  The ThinkBamboo set is made from a blend of 70% rayon from Bamboo and 30% organic cotton to add strength.  At 700, 725 and 70 GSM (grams per square meter) respectively, all three sets are relatively heavy, dense towels.  And each set comes in several different colors.

Since people like to wrap themselves when they exit the shower or bath, it’s helpful to know the size of at least the bath towels.  The Turkishtowels and Pike Street sets both list the bath towel sizes as 30″ x 56″.  The ThinkBamboo bath towel measures 29″ x 55″.

All of the bath towels are comparable in terms of size, weight and, presumably, absorbency.  Some might say that the Turkishtowels are a more decorative towel set.  One factor that the bamboo has that the others do not is that it’s organic and more eco friendly, certainly an important factor to many people (and another discussion altogether which you can read in my article on organic bath towels).  None of the sets comes with a bath sheet or bath mat.  As far as price, the Pike Street towel set runs for less than half the cost of the mid-priced ThinkBamboo towel set, making it very attractive on that level.

When Deciding On Bathroom Towel Sets, Use All The Resources Available to You

It would seem at least at first glance, that the Pike Street towel set is easily the best overall deal.  That can be a hard pill to swallow for some of us who were taught, and often learn through experience, that if somethings seems obviously superior, there must be a catch.  That’s why it helps to read reviews of bathroom towel sets from those who’ve purchased and used them.  You can read detailed product descriptions of the Turkishtowels Ottoman Elegance Collection 6 Piece Towel Set, the Pike Street 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton 725-Gram 6-Piece Towel Set and the ThinkBamboo Luxury Heavy Weight Towel Set as well as consumer reviews to make up your own mind.

Finding the best bathroom towel sets online is a process and using the many readily available resources is a great place to start.

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