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Bathrobes For Women – A Gift of Luxury

Take a look at some of the best choices of bathrobes for women.

Bathrobes for women have come a long way since your grandmother’s day. With an array of fabrics and styles, they make a gorgeous and thoughtful gift.

bathrobes for women

Chenille Bathrobes, A Favorite For Women

If you are looking for a unique bathrobe that’s soft and attractive, consider purchasing a chenille robe.  Chenille gained its modern popularity when manufacturers started using this downy yarn to weave bedspreads.  Because of its characteristic softness, manufacturers soon realized that chenille makes a beautiful bathrobe.

While most fabrics are named after the fibers from which they are constructed, chenille is actually named for the way it’s made.  The process involves twisting three strands of yarn so that the edges of the finished rope stand perpendicular to the center of the twisted fiber.  This procedure is what gives chenille its unique texture and look.  It’s most often manufactured from cotton, but it’s possible to find chenille yarn made from rayon and acrylic. Chenille made from cotton makes the most soft and absorbent bathrobes for women.

Absorbent Bathrobes For Women Made From Terrycloth

If absorbency and function are high on your list of bathrobe attributes, look for a robe made of terrycloth. Terrycloth is manufactured by a weaving process that leaves loops of yarn above the surface of the fabric. It’s these loops that give terrycloth its incredible softness and absorbency. These little loops literally wick moisture away from the skin making a terrycloth robe a luxurious treat after a warm bath or shower.  Another benefit of terrycloth is that it’s easy to clean and dries quickly. Robes made from this material also make great gifts for swimmers and beach goers.  Bathrobes made from thicker terrycloth fabric will be the softest and seem the most luxurious.

Satin and Wool Bathrobes For Women

If you are more interested in softness and beauty over absorbency, consider a satin bathrobe. Made from nylon, polyester or silk, satin is very soft and exceptionally elegant. Satin material is weaved by a process that causes the backside of the fabric to be dull while the topside has a high luster.  This luster is what makes satin so desirable. While satin is soft, it doesn’t absorb water well, so a satin robe is put to better use as a cover up.  A satin robe makes a wonderful gift for a friend who’s in the hospital. Because the fabric is light, it provides a touch of extra warmth that’s often needed in a cold hospital room. The beauty of a satin robe or cover up will also be a welcome luxury to anyone that has to wear a hospital gown.

If warmth is what you’re after, there is no better choice than a wool bathrobe.  Wool is one of the best fabrics for trapping your body’s heat and radiating it back against your skin.  Wool is flame resistant, water resistant and very durable.  High quality wool yarn makes the softest robes.

With all of the wonderful choices in bathrobes for women, it’s easy to find the perfect gift or, if you’re a woman who loves the cozy feel of a bathrobe, to pamper yourself.

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