Add style to your bath with quality bath towels

Bath Towels On Sale?

Is sifting through a hodgepodge of odd lots and overstock really the way you want to find bath towels on sale?

The Adventure of Finding Quality Bath Towels On Sale

Finding quality bath towels on sale at retail stores can be a major shopping adventure.  The department stores like JC Penney, Sears and Target often partner up with one particular celebrity brand, whether it’s Martha Stewart, Cindy Crawford or one of the many others.  Specialty stores may have a good selection of designer towel sets and lesser known, quality brands.  But due to the lack of economies of scale available to the department stores, the prices are higher.  Discount stores can be a great place to find bath towels on sale… if you have the patience to sift through one overstock set of Ralph Lauren bath towels, a closeout selection of last year’s Chris Madden bathroom accessories, 3 XXXL hotel collection bamboo bathrobes of the same color and style, etc.  But what if you just want to shop in an orderly fashion, not be limited to the Martha Stewart collection and get top value for your dollar?  The easy answer is, of course to shop online.  But it helps to have a little knowledge to make sure you get what you’re looking for.

bath towels on sale

The Best Bath Towels On Sale – Some Things To Know

Whether you want organic “green” bath towel sets, towels with matching rugs and curtains, oversized Egyptian cotton spa towels or low density white shower towels that are absorbent but also fit easily in your gym bag, there are things you should know.   Absorbency, texture and durability/workmanship are the main factors that determine the quality of a bath towel.  Many people will say that cotton is always best.  But I don’t agree with this blanket statement for the simple reason that of the many different bath and beach towels I’ve used at hotels and that we have in our home, among my favorite are our cotton/dacron/polyester blend towels from Martex.  They feel the best on my skin and seem to be quite absorbent.  That said, common wisdom can help in the online decision making process.

What Makes Bath Towels Absorbent?

Absorbency has to do with surface area.  This means the more densely woven the fabric, the more absorbent it will be.  So as a general rule of thumb, if you find bath towels on sale that are advertised as weighing 550 grams per square meter or more, they will be absorbent.  Terry towels, with a loop weave on both sides which means an even more dense surface, are also more absorbent.

Bath Towel Texture – Dense and Fluffy or Light and Course

Although the experts will say that a 600-800 GSM Egyptian cotton bath towel is the bee’s knees.  It’s not for everyone.  One of the main reasons I like those blend Martex towels I mentioned earlier is because of the weight and texture.  Maybe it’s many years of showering at the gym, but the truth is I prefer a lighter weight, rougher towel.  I find heavier, fluffier bath towels a little unwieldy and they just don’t feel right.  I want to feel invigorated by the touch of a bath towel.  If you feel the same, a lighter, courser towel may be right for you.

As far as durability and workmanship go, I prefer to read consumer reviews on the matter.  At Amazon, most of the bath towels on sale have been commented on extensively by people who’ve purchased them.

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