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Bath Sheet vs. Bath Towel – The Big Cover Up Question

Bath Sheets - Does the extra size really make a difference?

Why You May Prefer A Bath Sheet Over a Bath Towel

Is a bath sheet that much better than a standard-sized towel? If you haven’t heard this term before, bath sheets are simply very large towels that have come into fashion in recent years.

Most people, especially those that like to linger after a shower or bath, will agree that the added size gives a sense of luxury and comfort that standard-sized towels simply don’t provide.  Men can wrap it around their waist while shaving and brushing their teeth, and women can wear them in a sarong style while fixing up their hair and makeup. But they are not for everyone. Smaller towels can be better for people who prefer to rush out as fast as possible, just spot drying quickly. Bath sheets are for those of us who like to linger in the bathroom.

Most towels are in the neighborhood of 28 inches by 55 inches in size, a bath sheet is usually larger.  An oversized bath sheet can sometimes be as large as or larger than 35 by 70 inches.

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Standard-sized towels are well suited for children or blot drying but, for adults, bath sheets, especially Egyptian cotton bath sheets and those made of bamboo material, have increasingly become the preferred choice. There has been a tendency to increase the size of linens, and standard-sized bath towels are often now used as hand towels in many households.

Bath Sheets vs. Standard Size Bath Towels

The two main advantages of standard-sized bath towels are that they are easy to store and are usually cheaper. These towels can be folded and stacked several at a time, and will fit on almost all towel racks. (Most towel racks are 24 inches long, so bath sheets won’t look good when hanging on them.) They also usually come included with a standard set of bath towels – which are color-matched and most of the time cheaper than buying the individual pieces. Bath sheets almost never come included in bathroom towel sets. However, these disadvantages can be easily worked around. Bath sheets can be easily hung on robe hooks in a convenient place like behind the door. And you don’t have to forgo having matching bathroom linens. Many bath towel sets offer optional bath sheets.  If not, just choose the two or more complementary color tones that look good in your bathroom.

Other Bath Sheet Advantages

One of the overlooked advantages a bath sheet has over a standard-sized towel is that it can serve multiple purposes and so have a longer useful life. Old bath towels that have faded colors or have begun to fray or wear, end up as rags, used to clean up spills or things that stain (like paint or furniture polish.) Due to their size, bath sheets that are older are still perfectly good for a trip to the pool or to the beach. They can even be used for picnics or when making forts for the kids. A bigger person will also benefit from the increased size. And being able to wrap little kids when a blanket isn’t available is always a welcome thing.

All in all, the luxury and comfort of bath sheets can be well worth it. There are few things you can do to make showering or taking baths a more enjoyable experience than having a big, soft, fluffy bath sheet to wrap around yourself when you’re done.

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