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Bath Rugs – Finding the Optimal Form and Function

With bath rugs, following these pre-shopping tips saves time and money.

Helpful Tips When Shopping For Bath Rugs

Bath rugs, distinct from small area rugs serve a number of very specific purposes.  An essential safety product, the bath rug helps avoid slip and fall accidents (some of the most common household injury causers).  Even though it’s a rug, it acts like a towel in that while your using it, it dries the bottoms of your feet.  And like any and every item in your bath, it’s a decorator product that can either add or detract from the look and feel of your bathroom.

It’s not difficult to find quality bath rugs, but it does help to know what you’re looking for.  Here are a few tips to keep you on track to find a quality product that meets your needs.

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Get An Idea of the Type of Bath Rug You’re Looking For

If you don’t know where to start, you may want to consider looking at some pictures online. Rather than looking strictly at bath rugs, look at decorator sites and retail furniture and bathroom fixture pages.  A bath rug is one piece of the decorator puzzle in your bath.  Seeing how different rugs work in the overall context of various bathrooms will give you a much better image of what suits your taste.  You’ll quickly find that bath rugs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics and textures.  See what aspects strike your fancy and might work in your home.

Rule Out Those Rugs That Don’t Physically Fit Your Space

Sound obvious?  Well if you haven’t yet measured the space in front of your shower, bath or sink where you want the rug to be placed, you could easily get this part wrong.  Clearly you only want to consider bath rugs that fit well in your bathroom. Some people just go straight to the department store without even bothering to take measurements. Don’t be one of them.  There’s nothing worse than getting a rug home only to find that there isn’t enough space to fit what you thought would be just right.

Take Into Account the Main Users of the Bathroom

Since there’s more to picking out the right bath rug than design, it pays to have the user or users of the bathroom in mind.  If you have active children, you may want a rug that covers a larger area to go in the bath they use.  A sturdy rubber backing to keep in place to prevent mishaps is also important.  Also, remember, the wetter a rug gets, the longer it can take to dry.   In the kids’ bath, it might serve the purpose better to purchase a rug made of a quick drying fabric like a synthetic microfiber.  In your master bath, where ambience may be more of a consideration, a cotton or wool rug might look better and thus better suit it’s purpose.

Use The Resources At Your Disposal

Whether you are planning to make your purchase online or through a local store, it pays to read reviews or ask recommendations from people you know. If you are searching online, your best guides to help you make sure you get a good bath rug will be those customer reviews. It pays to read both the good and negative reviews even if they’re mainly one or the other.  Often times there are clues that save time and money.  Listen to what people really have to say about the bath rugs you’re considering.

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