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Bath Mat Options

A bath mat is essential for comfort and safety. Choosing carefully can also offer a decorator boost to your bath.

Every Bath Mat Is Not Created Equally

Even though it sounds like a simple thing, choosing the right bath mat or rug requires some thinking over.  More than a simple piece of decoration, bath mats can have several different functions in a room of the house where you seldom want things to go wrong. In this article we list some simple things to consider when choosing a mat or rug for your bathroom.

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First of all, take a minute to think about the people that will use the particular bathroom. Not all bath mats or even bathtub mats (for inside the tub) are the same. If the bathroom is going to be used by small children, then you definitely want a bath mat that is easy to wash and hard to stain like an absorbent cotton mat. Preferably, it should be something that features their favorite cartoon character or has bright colors that will make the bathroom an appealing place. It’s not uncommon for toddlers to be a bit averse to the bathroom, and sometimes they simply refuse to take baths. A dreary decor doesn’t help at all.

If the bathroom is going to be used by anyone who is elderly, or by someone with a physical disability, then you want to get an anti slip bathroom mat with a rubber bottom so that it will stay in place. Something with a non-slip surface rather than a fabric with no traction should also be considered to avoid accidents.

It the bath mat is meant for a bathroom in a high traffic area, then you don’t want something expensive and of high quality getting stomped on by every person that goes in. You should go for a durable and cheap mat overall. It would be the opposite case for your own master bathroom. There you could go for something more unique, perhaps spending a bit more and considering from among more comfortable woven bath rugs or pretty mats.

Bath Mat Size and Shape

Make sure that you measure your bathroom before getting that mat. When buying at the store (even more so if you are buying online), it’s hard to judge the size of the mat and the size of your room from memory. It’s fairly common to spend on a mat only to get home and find it is an awkward fit, with a corner getting smashed against a wall or simply not covering all of the floor space it is meant to cover. This can be easily avoided by taking out a ruler or a tape measure and making some quick measurements so you’ll know the exact size you need.

Finding Ideas for the Right Bath Mat

Bath mats and rugs come in many decorative styles, colors and materials. Look at some interior decorating magazines or websites. Look at some pictures of bathrooms and you are sure to find mats and rugs in styles that you didn’t even imagine were available. If you are very thorough, you can also check the reviews on shopping sites. A quick word to the wise: skip the five-star reviews. You’ll probably get more detailed information from the more critical reviewers.

Most of all, don’t stress out. Go out and spend on whatever model you like.  Getting the right bath mat is more important than getting the cheapest.

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