Add style to your bath with quality bath towels

About Bath Linens

Bath linens are to your bathroom walls what artwork is to your living room walls.

When some people think about bath linens, all they really think about is the towels they dry off with, or the washcloths they wash their faces with.  They are so much more.  However, they are just as vital to your bathroom decor as the types of pictures you put on the walls.

bath linens

In a way, bath linens are to a bathroom what furniture or drapes are to a living room or what a tablecloth is to your dining room (see “Using Decorative Bathroom Towels as Your Designer Palette“).  And shopping for these items can be fun, given the huge variety of prints, colors and textures that are available.

Since the bathroom is the place in the home where you do your most private activities and a place where you may spend lots of time getting ready for the day, why not make it just as beautiful and inviting as other rooms in your home?  As mentioned before, bath linens are so much more than towels and washcloths.  They include bath towels, hand towels, wash clothes, soap dispensers, soup dishes, toothbrush holders, sipping cup, toilet seat cover, shower curtains and bath mats or rugs.  None of these items themselves are very expensive.  However, when you are decorating your bathroom, purchasing all of these items can add up.  However, once you’ve finished decorating your bathroom can look like a beautiful showplace.

The Problem With Some Cheaper Bath Linens

Nowadays your bigger discount stores have a large array of colors, designs, prints and textures.  Granted they may not be as high of quality as the bath items you can purchase at the specialty stores but they are more affordable.  Some of the downfalls to purchasing these types of items at the larger discount stores are that they may not be as heavy weight or as absorbent as the best quality towels.

I personally have found that towels purchased at the large discount stores tend to leave lint everywhere.  Even if you wash the items before using them, they tend to leave lint for quite a long while.  Even after 5 or 6 washes.  I once purchased some black towels from one of the larger discount stores (because they matched my decor and they were inexpensive), and it took almost a year of using and washing them before they stopped leaving black lint all over my bathroom.  After I would finish toweling myself off, I would have to wipe down all the counters as well.  They were beautiful towels, but a total pain to use.

The Advantage of Spending More for Top Quality Bath Linens

An advantage to going to the stores that specialize in these items is you will get much better quality, heavier, more absorbent towels.  They do cost more, but to some individuals they are worth the extra money.

Next time you are shopping for some bath linens to brighten up your bathroom, take the time to put some thought and consideration into your color or scheme choices.  They can truly make all the difference when it comes to the look, comfort, and feel of the bathroom.  Top it off with some beautiful artwork and some nicely scented candles, and the bathroom can become one of your home’s showpieces.

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