Add style to your bath with quality bath towels

Bamboo Bath Towels – Soft and Absorbent With An Eco Benefit

Bamboo bath towels make sense for anyone looking for plush, durable towels. And the bamboo plant is so much more sustainable than cotton.

Why Friends of the Environment Love Bamboo Bath Towels

With softness and absorbency comparable to long staple cottons such as Egyptian and pima as well as zero-twist cottons, bamboo bath towels are a great option for anyone with an eye toward sustainable farming who’s looking for bath linens.  And bamboo bath towel sets are growing in popularity for this reason.  The bamboo plant, which looks like a tree but is in reality classified as a grass, grows incredibly fast and without the need of help from chemicals to kill pests or spur its growth.  Unlike cotton, you don’t even need to replant it after you harvest.  New shoots continue to grow from the already established root system, reach maturity quickly and become ready for harvest in just a few years.

The bamboo plant, like others, absorbs carbon dioxide and other gases and helps create oxygen for the environment during it’s life cycle.  If processed into what’s known as “bamboo linen” by using the non-chemical process of crushing the bamboo and emulsifying the fibers with natural enzymes, the resulting fabric can also be produced organically much more easily than organic cotton bath towels.  The more common chemical process of breaking down the bamboo into cellulose creates bamboo rayon, also very absorbent but not organic.  It’s common to find blends that are not 100% bamboo towel sets, but bamboo rayon blended with cotton.

How Bamboo Bath Towels Compare To Other Bath Towels On The Market

The top trend in bath towel popularity these days seems to be divided up between a number of generic branded types of towels:  Egyptian cotton, pima (sometimes advertised as Supima) cotton, Turkish cotton, zero twist/low twist and microfiber.  The factors that towel makers capitalize and compete on are absorbency, durability, weight (GSM), how plush or soft the towels are and organic vs. non-organic.  The fiber made from bamboo is highly absorbent, durable and soft.  The same holds true for the others.  But is one better than the other?  This largely depends on personal taste, values and priorities.

As far as absorbency goes, if you start off with an absorbent material like cotton (especially long staple cottons like the one’s mentioned) or fabric made from bamboo, you will likely have a thirsty towel.  Since it’s generally accepted that increased surface area makes better absorption, elements like heavier weight (above 550 GSM) or a loop weave (i.e. terry cloth), give added benefit in this regard by creating more surface area.  This makes long staple cotton terry towels among the most absorbent.  Zero twist/low twist bath towels make cotton more absorbent by untwisting the yarn thereby making it less compact/more absorbent.  Microfiber towels are made of synthetic materials and create absorbency similar to a ShamWow — absorbent, yes… but different.

Fabric weight and whether a towel is organic are factors that vary.  Soft organic cotton towels are popular but expensive and information is generally provided and even advertised when it comes to weight and organics.  Although durability and softness have something to do with fabric weight, they also have to do with the manufacturing process.  You can learn more about these factors and make a better purchase decision by talking to people who’ve purchased the towels you’re interested in or reading Amazon reviews than you can from a manufacturer’s description.

Quality Bamboo Bath Towels

If you know you’re looking for a highly rated set of bamboo bath towels, one option to check out is the Pinzon 800-Gram Rayon Bamboo Rayon Towels.

bamboo bath towels

These 800 GSM towels are made of 70% bamboo rayon and 30% cotton and have a soft and cushy feel. At 30″ x 56″, they are ample in size.  They come in a excellent choice of colors and matching hand towels, washcloths, and even bath sheets and bathrobes are available.  They are machine washable and dryer safe.

These and many other fine quality bamboo bath towels, both organic and non-organic are available here.

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