Add style to your bath with quality bath towels

Simple Guidelines for Getting the Best Baby Bath Towels

When it comes to baby bath towels, thick and plush protects the tush.

It’s easy to forget the importance of  baby bath towels.  Like many things that seem just too ordinary to think about, the need for special purpose baby bath towels often gets overlooked. Especially for newer, first-time parents it can seem like any towel handy will do, and so the need for special, comfy, absorbent towels for a new baby is often inadvertently disregarded. However, as with everything to do with newborns, the selection of baby towels is important. The right towels insure comfort and security for you and your baby.

baby bath towels


All too often, new parents or gift givers will choose any kind of baby towels regardless of the materials used in the manufacture. They are attracted by cute designs or pictures of cartoon characters. This is all well and good, but comfort and absorbency must be factored in as well. Adult skin is usually fine with most fabric whether it’s plush or more course, but it pays to be pickier when it comes to your baby since babies have far more sensitive skin than we do.

Best Fabric

For infants, 100% cotton towels that are extra thick and absorbent are best. A baby hooded towel is a very popular choice because it covers more and helps to keep your baby warm and cozy. Whatever you choose, care should be taken to make sure that the fabric is soft and will not irritate your baby’s skin. Avoiding any product or fabric that may cause a rash or other reaction is something every parent must consider. And make sure to get baby towels that are large enough to fully wrap your baby. Manufacturers realize this so most baby towels on the market will be adequate.

The best bath towels for babies do not necessarily have to be expensive. Visiting retail stores and buying name brands is one way to go. You have the advantage of being able to see and feel the towels which is certainly a benefit, but you’ll pay much more than you need to. Buying online is the way to go if you do it smart.

Best Place to Purchase Quality Baby Towels

There are many online retailers with great products at great prices. The choice is so vast, I recommend Amazon to keep the search simple. Amazon has the added benefit of consumer reviews. Reading these reviews can be as useful or more so than shopping in a physical store as the reviews are written by people who’ve taken the products home and used them. And since many new parents love to share about their babies, you’ll find plenty of great reviews with the positives and the negatives of every product.

A simple web search for baby towels yields a ton of results. A browse through the Amazon marketplaces will give you plenty of affordable choices. Just remember: 100% cotton, soft, thick and absorbent makes the best baby bath towels.

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